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This particular topic is one that’s associated with a lot of controversy. Are there harmful germs and bacteria in beards?  A study was conducted by researchers at Hirslanden Clinic in Switzerland. The research was conducted by obtaining swabs from the facial hair of 18 men and the necks of 30 dogs which ranged in breeds. After comparing the two, it was discovered that seven of the eighteen men tested positive for microbes that are potentially harmful to human health. When the research findings were released, many people in the beard community (including myself) were up in arms.

There are things to consider when looking at this type of research:

    #1 - What kind of work environment did the test subjects work in (construction, office, farming, etc).

    #2 - What are their grooming practices? Do they use various types of grooming products or none at all?

    #3 - How often do they wash their beards?

    These questions are factors that can have a vast difference in the results and these questions were never answered during the research period. I’m all about keeping a clean beard and not exposing myself or others to potentially harmful germs / bacteria. However, researchers must also look into the positive health benefits of having a beard. A few of them are the following:

      Benefit #1 Having a beard can protect your skin from UV damage.

      Benefit #2 Beards help protect from bacteria that can cause acme and infectious ingrown hairs.

      Benefit #3 Beards keep you warmer in the winter time and help to prevent the chapping of skin.

      Beards are essentially a natural barrier between you and various germs, allergens, and bacteria. The issue really isn’t if beards are unhealthy, it’s how often is your beard being cleaned and maintained? We all come into contact with some type of germ or bacteria through the day. Our beards protect us from them. We simply need to clean our beards properly to prevent germs from growing. This is where Bearden Beard Co comes in. We offer an amazing beard wash and conditioner that is not only effective in removing germs from you beard. It also provides essential nutrients and proteins to keep your hair healthier and looking great. The next time you feel the need to clean your dirty beard, use Bearden Beard Co products.

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